PLANS to build homes on land that links Burnley and Worsthorne have been branded ‘crazy’ and ‘dangerous’.

Proposals have been submitted to build 24 houses in Brownside Road, opposite Worsthorne Primary School.

The properties would lie on the edge of the village, reaching Lennox Street, and sit on brownfield and greenfield land.

Previous applications to build on the land refused in 2005 and 2006.

Cllr Andrew Newhouse, who represents the area on Burnley Council, said the houses would bring traffic problems to the village.

He said: “It’s crazy and dangerous.

"You cannot put a junction next to the school with around 48 cars coming in and out of the road every day.

“The roads are not suitable for all the extra traffic.

“It is absolutely ludicrous.

"It would also mean the gap between Burnley and Worsthorne would be effectively a walkway of grass.

“We are a village and we want to stay as a village, we don’t want to lose the separation.”

Residents have taken to social media to share their objections.

On Facebook Tom Stott, from Worsthorne, said: “They need to leave this village alone, Burnley needs better housing.

“Burnley Wood and Duke Bar all needs renovating and improving.

"We're just fine up here."

More than 150 complaints were received by the council last year as plans were submitted to build homes on the opposite side of the road.

That application was refused on the grounds of building homes causing visual harm and merging of the town and village’s boundary.

In a planning document a spokesman for the latest application said: “The site has the potential to create a sustainable, high quality residential development, which will integrate with the existing character of Worsthorne village and the wider area, enhancing the provision of homes in the village.”

A final decision will be made by the council later this year.