THE cause of a major fire in Blackburn is still under investigation. 

Firefighters were called shortly after 5.40pm on Monday to a fire at a recycling unit by the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Lower Hollin Bank Street.

Firefighters remain at the scene 24 hours after the fire started after spending the night 'dampening' down the blaze.

A fire spokesman said: "There is a smouldering fire and five crews are currently dampening down any hotspots.

"White smoke can still be seen coming from the scene."

A total of 10 fire engines were at the scene along with drone and stinger facilities. 

Water was pumped from the canal to help put out the fire.

The owner of the unit on fire said: "Someone was just at work when they saw smoke and called 999.

"The first hour was just black smoke straight up in the air, it's calmed down a bit now but it's still bad.

"We just don't know what's happened."

At its peak more than 70 firefighters were at the scene trying to control the fire.

Police were also in attendance to help with traffic in the area.

Road closures were put in place at the junctions between Bolton Road and Chadwick Street, and also Lower Hollin Bank Street and Hamilton Street.

Fire service press officer Richard Edney said: "We are trying to keep the fire limited to the one unit, there are three units next to each other.

"The unit next to it is a sofa manufacturer so there's a risk it could get worse if it works its way through.

"We have systems in place and hope to keep it under control.

"We don't know how it started at the moment, we'll be investigating."

The fire service also said that nobody has been injured.

A fire service spokesman said: "An investigation is underway and the cause of the fire is currently unknown.

"Crews will be looking through the remains for forensic evidence to help with the investigation."