CONTROVERSIAL plans for three new wind turbines look set to be halted by planners after almost 1,400 objections.

Viridis Wind Turbines wants to erect three 77-metre high wind turbines on Hoddlesden Moss.

But opposing residents said they fear the development will spoil their ‘beautiful views’, claiming the plans ‘only benefit the developer’.

Planners, who will recommend the application’s refusal at a meeting tomorrow, have received 904 letters and a 387 signature petition against the plans as well as 556 letters of support.

Dentist Adam Nulty, of Higher Aushaw Farm, lives in the property closest to the proposed development.

In a letter to the council, he said: “I are very worried that this application will go ahead and affect the lives, health and mental state of me and my wife and our two young children.

“The turbines are unacceptably close to our property.

“We have just purchased our home because of the beautiful views and the potential of the property to ride these moors with horses, with local farmers farming the land with sheep and possibly deer.

“This would not be possible if these turbines were so close.

“Every environmental group and everyone in the area is against this application, with good reason as the plans will only profit the developer as any renewable energy production won’t anywhere near balance the carbon release from the destruction to the peat.”

A resident from Far Hillock Barn in Roman Road, Hoddlesden, also said in a letter: “The carbon emissions generated in the manufacture, transportation and installation of the turbines are significant. It is clear that this is really just a business proposition.

“It is proposed to locate the wind turbines in a stunning area of moorland which stretches in an almost unbroken line from Hoddlesden village to the outskirts of Greater Manchester.

“It is an area enjoyed by many and the application seems to infer that this area is some sort of neglected wasteland.

“They would be visually totally out of character and conflict with the intrinsic value of the area and ruin it.”

The area was named a Site of Special Scientific Interest by Natural England last year due to its rare breeding birds and peatlands.

The RSPB has formally objected to the plans submitted in July last year as have ward councillors from East Rural and North Turton with Tockholes.

The charity said the development could pose a serious threat to wildlife and moorland habitat.

However, not all residents are against the plans.

Barbara Bolton, of Pothouse Lane, Darwen said: “I support this application because it is good to move to a low carbon future.”

Fellow supporter Steve Wolski, of Lindesfarne Avenue, Blackburn, said: “ I support this application because wind power reduces the need for new expensive nuclear power stations which leave a toxic legacy of radioactive waste that remains dangerous for thousands of years.

“I regard the location as an appropriate site for three wind turbines.

“Climate change is the greatest threat facing our planet and we need urgent action on the issue.

“We need renewable technology solutions such as these wind turbines.”

Viridis Wind Turbines said in its plans: “The proposed energy converters would have a tip height of 76.5m with a hub height of 46m.

“The site has a very good wind speed resource.”

Council planners said the proposal would have an ‘unacceptable impact’ on the ecological interests of the area and have recommended it for refusal.

Similar plans from the same applicant were lodged in 2015, which received around 400 objections, were rejected.

Matthew Jackson, of Viridis Wind Turbines, declined to comment.