CAMPAIGNERS are set to lay flowers and hold banners during a peaceful vigil at a slaughterhouse, which is the subject of a government cruelty probe.

Campaigners from Animal Aid and the Save Movement will hold the vigil outside the Malik Food Group slaughterhouse near Burnley on Tuesday.

It comes in response to an undercover video taken at the slaughterhouse by Animal Aid, which showed sheep having their throats cut and animals being thrown.

The Food Standards Agency, which regulates animal welfare in abattoirs, has launched an investigation into animal cruelty allegations after being alerted to what it describes as "serious non-compliances with animal welfare legislation".

Luke Steele, farming and slaughter campaigns manager at Animal Aid, said: "Campaigners will lay flowers and show some compassion to animals being transported to slaughter during a peaceful vigil.

"We want to ask caring people everywhere to stop the kind of suffering filmed by simply swapping animal products for a meat-free alternative."

The vigil is set to take place between 7.30am and noon in Dunnockshaw.