CCTV cameras are to be installed at a park which has been in a 'constant battle' with vandalism.

Alkincoats Park in Colne is set to be surveyed by the town's old CCTV cameras which were replaced with a new £70,000 system in August.

Last year the beauty spot was hit by vandals who were destroying and uprooting newly planted trees on a nightly basis.

The bowling green, used by Philip Wright Crown Green Bowling Academy, has also suffered with kids regularly riding their bikes and playing football on it.

Residents renewed their calls for CCTV to be put in place on social media when a picnic table was torched this week.

Two cameras will go up in the park and another two will be placed at the town's cricket club which has experienced similar issues.

Daryl Wright, chairman of the bowling academy, said it was important to prevent further vandalism in the summer months.

He said: "Anti-social behaviour does always get worse in the warmer months and when kids are off school.

"So I think the cameras will definitely be of help to prevent it during the summer.

"We do have problems with kids riding their bikes over the green and playing football."

Back in August volunteers were replanting the trees in the park every morning only for them to be ripped up again the following night.

Some councillors also said trees were being destroyed by people using a knife to cut through the leather straps which kept them in place and someone had been gluing the locks on the park cafe.

Cllr Joe Cooney, Vivary Bridge ward representative, said things have got better but the cameras will make sure it stays that way.

He said: "There are always bits and pieces of trouble in the park.

"What the cameras will do is stop kids messing about hopefully because they know they will get caught on film.

"We are also concerned about the cricket club because last season they had a bit of spate of break-ins, so we want to stop that from happening this time around.

"What happens is they tend to climb over the wall and break in that way."

The new surveillance system in the town centre has meant footage can now be watched on smartphones, tablets and computers to aid crimefighting.

Pendle Council's Colne committee said there were a couple of problems with the technology of the cameras in the town centre but these would be resolved soon.

The team would be running a software upgrade and then the equipment would be in working order.

All town councils in Pendle were told last August they would be assuming control for CCTV systems, as the borough council transferred responsibility for the cameras.

Nelson, Brierfield and West Craven joined Burnley and Hyndburn councils in opting to become part of an East Lancashire hub, with new high-definition cameras, which are monitored from a central unit in Blackburn.