WARNINGS have been made about littering alongside waterways after a swan was pictured making a nest from discarded rubbish.

Oswaldtwistle resident Julie Cropper noticed the unusual nest close to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Eanam.

Swans normally create a large nest made from dried grasses, assorted vegetation and sticks.


Mrs Cropper said: “It is just a shame that these beautiful birds have to make a nest that is half full of the rubbish people can’t be bothered to take home with them.

“The nest is full of plastic bags, plastic bottles, drinks cans, plastic cups, crisp and biscuit packets and goodness knows what else.

“I really don’t know why people can’t be a bit more responsible and take their rubbish home with them.

“It’s a danger to the wildlife they want to enjoy seeing.

“I actually watched the swan fishing out loads of rubbish from the water and put it on it’s nest."

Alan Wright, from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, said: “Like most of our wildlife, swans will get on with their lives despite our mess.

“They are inventive creatures and use bits of litter to help strengthen the nest, which is usually made up of grass, sticks and rushes.

“Of course this does not mean littering our countryside is acceptable.

“A lot of plastic and other nasty bits of litter can hurt and even kill our wildlife.

“We really need to educate people of all ages to help them understand the damage they are doing."