A DOG attack at a farm in Burnley left six sheep, two lambs and three geese dead.

Newborn lambs were among the animals killed by the out-of-control dog, while three more sheep were injured and two had to be put down.

The attack being investigated by police has led to officers calling for dog owners to be responsible when walking near livestock.

The incident happened at the farm, owned by Lindsey and James Blake, to the side of Towneley Park on Thursday afternoon.

The couple said they discovered the dead and injured animals when they returned to their Lower Red Lees Farm.

Mrs Blake, 44, said: “I had never seen anything like it. I was sick, it was disgusting.

“They had their faces ripped off and their stomachs torn out.

“I haven’t slept since thinking about if the dogs are going to come back.

“It’s not good for us. The rest of our sheep are in lambing season and they’ve been upset by it you can tell, they run away when you go in to see them.”

The couple had been on the farm for around 10 years and estimate that they have lost around £1,000 of livestock.

They also have vet and disposal bills still to come.

Footprints were left in the field showing where the dog's owner had attempted to chase after it, before leaving without attending to the animals.

Police are now encouraging dog walkers to keep their pets on leads.

PC Nigel Keates said he had dealt with six similar incidents last year and the death of 30 sheep.

He said: “It’s a common problem, it is the unfortunate reality of what a pet dog can do in the hands of someone too stubborn to realise what can happen.

“The animals very rarely survive these sort of attacks.

“Sheep have to be bred to live in the surrounding area, so it’s taken years for the sheep to adapt to the land, and now they’re just gone. You can’t just buy them from the shop.

“People need to remember to keep their dogs on leads in rural areas.”