AN ‘immensely brave’ child sexual exploitation survivor has spoken out to encourage others to seek help.

Kyran Peet, now 19, was just 13 when he was groomed by an older man he met through Facebook.

The man claimed he was in his late teens but was actually 23.

He would stay with Kyran and his mum at their house in Chorley, where the abuse happened.

Kyran told his mum the man was 16 and just a friend.

But when he began to have doubts and discovered the man’s real age, Kyran reported the abuse and with support from The Children’s Society, the case went to court, and his abuser was jailed.

Having survived the trauma, aspiring actor Kyran, who has since become an ambassador for The Children’s Society.

Kyran said: “The abuse had a big impact on me mentally and emotionally and I was lucky I had a project worker at The Children’s Society who was there to listen to me and support me.

“It wasn’t just sexual abuse but psychological abuse too, because he would make me feel like I was crazy when I raised doubts."

He is now aiming to give something back to the charity which supported him through his ordeal by trekking through the Brazilian jungle.

Kyran spoke out ahead of National Child Sexual Exploitation today.

He hoping to raise £2,800 for the charity ahead of his trek in South America on June 25.

Stella Stansfield, from The Children’s Society, said: “Kyran showed immense bravery in speaking out and we are all extremely proud of the progress he has made.”