COMMUNITY leaders in Tockholes are urging residents to clean up after their pets after complaints about dog mess being left in several streets.

Cllr Glynn Woon, chairman of Tockholes Parish Council, said dog fouling is an issue ‘right across the village’, particularly at weekends.

Many residents have filed complaints to the council and have said it is a particular issue in Old School Lane, where dog waste is left on the verges.

When cars are passing pedestrians on the street it means that people are sometimes having to go onto the verges and walk in the mess.

Cllr Woon said: “Tockholes is a picturesque village and because of that we get a lot of dog walkers.

“The issue is people either don’t clean up their pet’s mess or they pick it up in a bag and then dump that somewhere.

“We would like to encourage people be responsible and use bags that a biodegradable and place them in an appropriate bin. "There are several of them around for people to use.

“Some bags are left hanging from trees. Myself and my wife find lots when we are out walking.”