CALLS have been made accelerate the transfer of ownership of a former library to so it can be used as a village Post Office and community shop.

Trawden Post Office in Church Street closed in January 2016, but the Post Office is keen to re-establish a service in the area.

In December, a plan was agreed between a village trustee group and Lancashire County Council for the former library building.

However, trustees have been unable to complete the asset transfer, which was agreed after the library was closed as part of council cuts to save £220million.

The campaign was led by trustees of the Trawden Forest Community Centre.

The centre is self-funded and costs are met through user fees and supplemented fundraising.

Cllr Paul White, who represents the area, said: "Lancashire County Council are dragging their feet with the transfer of Trawden Library to the community group.

"I have been on at them every week and have been asking Pendle Council to keep the pressure on too.

"At the same time, I've received a letter from the Post Office saying they're struggling to find somewhere for the Trawden Post Office.

"Having spoken to them, they're aware of the community plan to take over the library and are keen to retain a service in Trawden.

"However, until LCC transfer the building they cannot consider it.

"They have turned what should be a simple thing into a red-tape juggernaut. They are a lesson in how not to be nimble, adaptable or proactive."

A county council spokesman, said: "Our estates service has been liaising with the trustees to enable them to gain access to the building.

"While every effort has been made to accommodate the request to have the keys and access to the building over two days at the weekend this has not been possible.

"Lancashire County Council is still liable for the building and the safety of people entering it.

"All visits need to be accompanied by an LCC officer.

"The trustees understand this and arrangements are being made to access the building during the week.

"Trawden library is one of a significant number of submissions going through community asset transfer.

"Officers involved are working hard to complete the agreed transfers as soon as possible."