A STUDENT has inspired her fellow classmates to make underwear to help refugees in need.

Textile students at Ribblesdale High School in Clitheroe have been working with designers from Raine and Bea Lingerie to create the clothing.

The idea was inspired by 12-year-old Lili Barnes after she heard from a family friend who works with refugees in Calais, France, about the troubles they face.

She then asked her mum Jenna Barnes, who owns Raine and Bea Lingerie store in the town, if she could help making clothes.

Mrs Barnes said: “It was a friend of my husband's who works with the refugees and Lili heard that they were desperate for boxer shorts.

“Lili came to me and said mum you make underwear, why don’t you help them out?

“She’s always been interested in refugees and their cause.

“It’s all down to Lili the work. She is just really passionate about helping people.

“I’m mega proud of her, who wouldn’t be, she’s such a selfless young girl.”

Lili initially made the underwear with her mum at home.

However once her school teachers found out about the work she was doing, textile teacher Judith Martin got other pupils involved.

Mrs Barnes then came into the school each Wednesday for five weeks to help students sew their own boxer shorts with anti-war slogans ready to send them on to Calais.

Around 80 pairs of boxers have been produced which are planned to be sent over in the coming weeks.

Mrs Barnes said going into the school and carrying out the work was very rewarding for her as well as the children.

The mother-of-three said:”I’ve always said it's important people put back into the community at any time.

“I’ve been happy to give up my time to help the children at the school.

“There are some really talented pupils at the school who took to the project.

“There were kids who have never done textiles or done any sewing in their life and they just took straight to it.”

The school is now helping to produce vests for the women’s centre in Dunkirk.

Lili has also been asked to stand up and speak about her work to help refugees in the school assembly.

A video, produced by Wayne Avanson of The Action House documenting the work of the pupils, can be seen at vimeo.com/200729789.