TWO brothers carried out a brutal ‘honour attack’ with a baseball bat and hammer as a family dined at a pizza shop.

Burnley Crown Court heard Khalil Hussain, 24, and Munir Ali Hussain, 35, burst into Planet Pizza in Croft Street, Burnley, to settle an ‘honour feud’.

Prosecutor Andy Evans said the sustained attack on several members of another family left one man unconscious and others ‘fearing for their lives’.

The brothers, both of Colne Road, Brierfield arrived at the restaurant, opposite Burnley bus station, by car, leaving it abandoned in the middle of the street.

The court heard they entered the shop on March 3 last year wearing hoods and with their faces covered by scarves, shouting abuse at those inside and upturning tables and chairs. 

Mr Evans said: “They burst in to the pizza restaurant, Khalil Hussain wielding a baseball bat and Munir Hussain a hammer.

“They targeted members of another family who were hosting a farewell celebration for one family member who was going on a trip overseas.

“They lashed out with a hammer and baseball bat and hit one man on the head.”

The court heard one victim sustained three cuts to his head and severe bruising to his back and had to have treatment at the Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Others were also injured during the disturbance which lasted several minutes.

CCTV footage of the men leaving the restaurant with the weapons was shown to the court. Mr Evans said after the attack the brothers smashed the window of a parked car.

The court was told at the time of the attack Munir Hussain was on bail, along with a third man, Yasir Hussain, 32, of Pine Street, Nelson, for a ‘highly sophisticated’ bank scam which had netted them £10,697.

The court heard on November 25, 2014, Yasir Hussain’s bank account had been used to extract cash from a woman who was persuaded over the phone to transfer her life savings.

The prosecution said Munir Hussain then obtained cash over the counter from the account at banks in Nelson, Burnley and Accrington.

Munir Hussain was jailed for 12 months after admitting to affray, possession of an offensive weapon and money laundering. Yasir Hussain was jailed for 12 months for money laundering.

Jailing Munir Hussain, Judge Beverley Lunt, said on the Planet Pizza incident: “This was clearly pre-meditated and pre-planned.

“You left the car thrown across the street. You didn’t care who saw you and you didn’t care that there were people who might be upset inside.”

And passing sentence on Yasir Hussain, Judge Lunt said: “It must be clearly understood that anyone who opens a bank account and let’s other people use it to take money from a victim in this way will go to prison.

“Without people who did what you did, there would be no confidence tricks like this.” Khalil Hussain will be sentenced for affray and possession of an offensive weapon on February 24.