ARTWORK featuring Clarets legends are adorning the façade of Turf Moor after fans voted who they would like to see honoured at the ground.

Striking new six-foot rectangular images of ,ore than 30 of Burnley's greatest past players are being put up along with plaques giving written profile of their time with the club.

The first 12 have gone up on the outside of the Bob Lord Stand in Harry Potts Way.

The club said they wanted to 'improve the appearance of the ground and provide a vivid history of some of the greatest players to wear a claret and blue shirt'.

The remainder will follow on the outside of the Jimmy McIlroy and James Hargreaves Stands.

The players were chosen from five separate eras, pre-Second World War, post-war to 1960, 1960-1980, 1980-2000 and 2000 onwards and were selected via a fans’ poll, with various supporters’ groups sponsoring individual boards, which were designed in-house at Burnley Football Club.

The project, supported by the club, has been co-ordinated by Tony Scholes, a member of the Burnley FC Supporters Groups and part of a small group of fans put together to discuss potential ground improvements in consultation with Clarets’ chief executive Dave Baldwin.

Mr Scholes said: “We started to talk about ideas to brighten up the ground.

“Someone came up with the idea of putting up pictures and we set up a working group and this came up.

“We wanted to reflect the history of the club and so split it into five eras with fans voting for their heroes from those times.

“It’s something that will help improve the look of the ground and pay due respect to many of our finest players. We are delighted with the result.”

Images of players chosen from the first two eras, including Tommy Boyle, George Halley, Harry Potts, Jimmy McIlroy and Jimmy Adamson, now adorn the Bob Lord Stand.

The third era will be housed on the Jimmy McIlroy Stand and the fourth and fifth on the James Hargreaves Stand.

Fans arriving for Saturday's FA Cup tie gave their approval to the new additions to the stadium,

Graham Catlow, 57, from Igthenhill, said: "My memory of supporting the Clarets goes back to the 1960s so I remember some of these players.

"The artwork looks very good and I was pleased to see Jimmy McIlroy, our greatest ever player is included."

Hannah Roberston, 22, from Barnoldswick, said: "They look great and celebrates our history.

"I'm too young to remember any of the players here but I know all the names because my dad and uncles talk about them and tell me how good they were."

Glyn Fry, from Bacup, said: "It's a good idea. The previous brickwork is very bland so it's good to see the club doing something to brighten up the stadium."