A FORMER journalist is continuing his dream job as an author and is set to release his second novel.

Stuart Robertson’s ‘If ever I fall’ will hit the shelves in February after months of planning and writing.

The story explores the breakdown of a marriage following a past trauma.


The 40-year-old, from Helmshore, left the busy life in the newsroom after more than a decade and became a stay-at-home-dad and committed to becoming a fiction writer.

The father-of-one said his second book is standalone from his first, ‘Time to Say Goodbye’, also published by Avon, last year He said: “I think it was hard to write in terms of the story line was more complex to the last one.

“My last book was very linear whereas this one starts in present and works backwards into the past.

“I was flexing my writing muscles a bit more with this story.

“I gave myself a target of writing a certain amount of words every day until I got the book done.

“It is very different from being a journalist, the writing style is different and the pace of writing is different.

“I feel the style of writing is more of my niche.

“It would have been difficult from a journalist’s point of view to write all day and then to come home and write all night.

“Some people do it, but I knew from a young age this was what I wanted to do full-time.”

Mr Robertson’s last title sold more than 80,000 copies and was translated into 10 different languages.

The story explored the bond between a father and daughter was partly inspired by his experience as a stay-at-home-parent.

It spent six weeks in the Amazon Kindle top 20 in 2016.

Mr Robertson, who had been an editor for more than a decade, said: “It is a great feeling seeing my work in the shops.

“Whether someone is looking at it, buying it or reading it, it’s really satisfying to see all your hard work come together.

“The first draft would take roughly six months to write, then it would come back from the publishers who suggest changes, but the work has to be done by myself.

“I cannot wait to see this one on the shelves, it’s a very exciting time.”

The book launch will take place at the Waterstones in Deansgate, Manchester on Thursday, February 23, and each paperback copy will cost £7.99.

The book will be available to buy from Thursday, February 9.