A RISHTON student said she was left shocked after being sacked from pizza takeaway giant Domino’s by text.

Caitlin McConnell, 16, found out she no longer had a job at the Great Harwood branch on Monday after working for the company for two months.

During the text message exchange the manager replied ‘You win some, you lose some’ after the teenager questioned the management of the store.

Miss McConnell said: “I wasn’t bothered about being sacked. It’s life at the end of the day.

“It’s the fact that after helping opening the new store they only had the decency to do it over text.

“We got told by the manager that we don’t have to come into work unless he rings us, so we knew he was going to sack us. But to be told by text isn’t right. There was about six of us sacked in the same way.”

The Blackburn College student started working for Domino’s at the Accrington branch in November before transferring to the newly-opened Great Harwood branch in December.

When Miss McConnell asked the branch bosses why she wasn’t given a week’s notice, her superior replied ‘Lol you’re trying to sound clever’.

She was also told, ‘I can’t babysit (you) through my whole shift’ when she questioned why she was being sacked.

Miss McConnell said: “I started my training in the Accrington store while the store in Great Harwood was being built.

“I then got told by one of the bosses in Accrington that we were being watched to see if we would get the job or not.

“As the store opened they never said if we had the job or not but I worked in Great Harwood for about a month. I helped open the shop and get it up and running.”

The Great Harwood branch in Queen Street opened on December 19 and claimed to bring 25 new jobs to the area. It followed the opening of another Domino’s branch at the Viaduct in Accrington in October, which created a further 60 positions. A Domino’s spokesman said they were investigating the allegations.