A FATHER-of-three from Blackburn who became consumed with the idea he couldn’t provide for his family ended up taking his own life, an inquest heard.

Transport manager Rex Hornby, who also ran a beauty salon, received treatment for anxiety after revealing his work worries to a GP, Blackburn Coroner’s Court was told.

But his family remained adamant that Mr Hornby, 40, of Leeward Close, Lower Darwen, had no realistic concerns over money, before his death on October 20 last year.

He was discovered, in his back garden, with self-inflicted knife wounds. An investigation by police determined there was no third party involvement, the court heard.

His wife Karen Hornby told the hearing: “He was alway worrying about providing, and if he was doing his best, and he felt that he was not doing well enough.”

Questioned by Blackburn coroner Michael Singleton, about whether he had any particular reasons to feel that way, Mrs Hornby said that another business had opened up close to his salon, which concerned him. He also lost his father two years ago.

The inquest heard that Mr Hornby was first prescribed beta blockers and an anti-depressant by his GP last August, returning in October as his difficulties continued.

Mrs Hornby said the couple also attended the Royal Blackburn Hospital, where she became annoyed at an insistence that her husband’s anxious state needed to be referred to his doctor.

She told the court her husband would often visit his mother’s home, as this appeared to calm him down briefly.

His mother, Eileen Hornby, said the pair had a final conversation, shortly before his death, where he repeated his worries.

“It was just the same thing, over and over again, worrying about work and paying off his mortgage, It was just money all the time with him,” she said.

“But he had no money worries. He stopped going out and everything.”

She confirmed to the coroner he had given no indication he intended to end his own life.

Recording a conclusion that Mr Hornby committed suicide, coroner Mr Singleton said he was satisfied, given the nature of the deceased’s injuries, that he intended to take his own life.