DEAR Mr Coyle, I have been a long serving Rovers fan since 1979; I have seen highs and lows.

I have stood on the terraces in horizontal hailstone watching my team struggle.

I am not writing to slate the running of the club, nor am I here to direct criticism at our absent owners.


The reason for my letter is to highlight the differences between my club now and how we were before Jack Walker’s investment in our club and also some glaringly obvious problems with your squad selection.

In the late 70s and early 80s we had players that were similar in quality to the current squad of players, in that they have limitations in quality, in relation to their price tag.

We had good, honest and hardworking individuals such as John Butcher, Jim Branagan, David Wagstaffe and Mark Patterson to name but a few, that were interspersed with talented internationals and other players such as Derek Fazackerley, Glenn Keeley and Noel Brotherston.

Having been through a period of relative comfort and heavy investment the club now finds itself in some financial dilemma. We have a good set of players, on the whole, that appear to give their all, such as Darragh Lenihan, Danny Graham, Sam Gallagher, Derek Williams and Craig Conway.

The problem we have is our inconsistent players, some of which have been given key responsibilities – Corry Evans, Jason Lowe, Hope Akpan, Ben Marshall and Liam Feeney. I don’t know what these latter players have over you but they always seem to be “first on the team sheet”.

I, as an amateur footballer, can plainly see that we have both a talented defence and forward line.

However we have a massive gaping hole in midfield, that teams are very happy to waltz through, with the style and prowess of Ed Balls doing “Gangnam Style” on Strictly Come Dancing.

Why do you fail to see what all of us long suffering supporters see from the terraces, are you blinkered?

I think that it is time to accept that your “first on the team sheet players” are put on the bench. I would suggest you give some of the other players a chance to shine; the way things are going we have nothing to lose.

It’s either that, or you have to accept that you are a very poor manager and the team, under your direction is going to be relegated.

If you have trouble managing players and their fragile egos, then I am more than happy to assist.

I have worked in tougher scenarios and environments than you will ever face, with people of stronger character than you currently have to deal with.

Tony Whittaker, Blackburn