A CLITHEROE man on a surprise holiday to Barcelona was even more stunned when dozens of strange UFOs appeared in the skies above the Spanish city.

Paul Zinger and his girlfriend, who had organised the trip for his 40th birthday, were visiting the famous fountains on La Rambla when the white orbs flew over the BBVA bank building.

The painter and decorator estimated there were at least 100 objects moving in different directions.

And Paul managed to film them using his smartphone while out sight-seeing after suffering a bout of food poisoning.

Paul said: "It was amazing, there were at least 100 if not more in the sky. The footage I took doesn't show how many were there.

"The holiday was a surprise 40th birthday present from my girlfriend.

"We both got food poisoning so the only time we spent outside was basically a couple of hours on La Rambla.

"The Rambla was chocca with people."


"I think there was more than 100 objects. I watched them for ages."

Paul has several theories about what the objects could be.

He said: "I've asked myself the question many times. When you see objects like this it truly changes the way you view the world. Based on that view, they could be used to manipulate the masses so it could be government, military or extra-terrestrial.

"The anomalous nature of these things doesn't necessarily mean they are energy, the could be physical, probes of some description that might have a larger mother ship.

"They might affect crop circles to make us wake up a bit. They might be benevolent in that the formations they usually end up configuring into are constellations. Maybe they are saying that we need to get to those and let Earth heal. I really don't know."

Former police detective Gary Heseltine, who now edits UFO Truth Magazine, said the objects were 'anomalous'.

The ex-cop, who probed the 7/7 London bombings, told the Lancashire Telegraph: "I do not believe that they are lanterns as there is no orange glow, nor do I believe them to be balloons.

"I count seven to eight white objects during the clip. I've also picked up on another aspect of the clip, at 38-39 seconds in there is a very fast flashing to the left edge of the building, when you go frame by frame a very bright white object flies through the shot, it may also be rotating as the sequence goes black, white, black, white.

"As far as I'm concerned they appear anomalous."