PLANS to turn a hairdressers into a coffee shop and wine bar have been revealed.

Applicant Jade Pilling submitted the proposals to Pendle Council to transform Smith Christian Hairdressers in Gisburn Road, Barrowford.

Three letters of objection and four letters of support were received by the council.

In one objection letter, a resident said: “I am keen for the vacant property to be filled but I have concerns about the proposed alternative use.

“During the day parking is extremely limited along Gisburn Road to the front of the property and along Ingham Street.

“The property has no allocated parking spaces apart from a single disable space at the rear.

“A business with a high consumer turn over such as a bistro or bar would compound the parking issue further.

“Noise travels extremely easily through the walls of adjoining properties due to the age of the buildings.

“A business opening late into the evening with the potential for live music, would make the houses unlivable.”

In a letter sent to the council, David Pollard said a coffee shop and wine bar is what Barrowford needs.

He said: “As a frequent visitor to the community I think this will be beneficial to the growth of the village.

“To the previous comments suggesting there will be an issue over parking concerns, I fully heartedly disagree with this.

“Parking is only a real concern during school pick up and drop off times.”

A Barrowford Parish Council spokesman said the council did not object to the plans.

In a planning document, a spokesman on behalf of the applicant said: “The proposed coffee shop and wine bar use is acceptable in this location and there is parking available on the highway adjacent to the site.

“The applicant had stated that the site had the use of a parking space to the rear.

“However, as this is accessed from Butterfield Street and is to the rear of the building, it is unlikely to be used by customers.

“The site is within the town centre and there is highway parking available outside the property and this is an appropriate town centre use.

The plans include the business opening Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 11pm and later on Saturdays.