A HYNDBURN primary school is seeking permission to replace its unsecure front fencing after its pupils were spotted trying to ‘escape’.

Council planners have been asked to approve the new, higher railings at St Nicholas Church of England Primary in Church after a series of break-ins, vandal attacks and pupils squeezing through the gaps.


In May 2015 burglars broke in and stole cash put aside in a safe for a school trip.

The school also wants to remove two brick pier walls either side of three insecure gates which will also be replaced.

Headteacher Vicky Axon said the new taller ‘paladin’ fencing was about the safeguarding of the school’s children and would start as soon as permission is granted.

Church ward Labour councillor Jean Battle has backed the planning application in view of the safety concerns.

The application for the new fencing at the primary on St Nicholas Road off Dill Hall Lane tells officials of the ‘urgent’ need to replace the existing 1.2 metre perimeter fencing to the front main boundary of the school.

It said: “The current fencing is in poor condition and has been easily breached by intruders.

“In the past there have been numerous incidences of intruders, break-ins and criminal activities on the school site.

“The school building has been damaged as a result.

“The school has also had a number of children escape through the fence as highlighted by Ofsted.

“It is proposed the existing boundary fencing is replaced with 2.4 metre high paladin-type fencing to the perimeter of the site, with new vehicular and pedestrian gates.

“This will improve the safeguarding of staff and students during school hours.”

Mrs Axon said:”It’s just about safeguarding the children.

“We’ve had a very low fence for many years which needed improvement and we feel it is safer and better for everybody to have a higher and stronger fence.

“As far as I’m aware work will be starting as soon as possible.”

Cllr Jean Battle said: “It’s a duty of care, they’ve got to try and make it as safe as possible.”

“I don’t see any problem with the plans as that fence backs onto a dual carriageway.

“It’s not going to be something horrible to look at, so I’d be in favour of it.”