LORD Alan Sugar could soon have a business partner from East Lancashire.

Former Westholme School pupil Jessica Cunningham is one of the many hopefuls hoping to impress the business tycoon and wins his investment on the new series of The Apprentice.


The 29-year-old from Burnley, who also went to St Wilfred’s CE Academy in Blackburn, said that after surviving week three in the boardroom, she is ‘in it to win it’.

Miss Cunningham, who has lived in Colne as well in the past, found herself in the bottom three in week two after Lord Sugar slated both teams for their poor efforts in the weekly task.

But the mother-of-three said that despite the ‘mentally scarring’ speech from Lord Sugar, she is determined to reach claim the crown.

She said: “I am in it to win it. I thought I was a goner in the second week, it was mentally scarring, but after getting through that I’m determined to win.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“Behind every successful person there’s a lot of unsuccessful moments so that’s what I’m keeping in mind after that task. I felt relieved almost that everyone else had done an awful job as well as me.”

Miss Cunningham is an online fashion entrepreneur running her own business, Prodigal Fox. She has recently left her role as director at a marketing firm to focus on the fashion business.

At this point in the competition, Miss Cunningham believes that to progress further she needs to focus on controlling her emotions.

She said: “I think based on my experiences so far I need to be better at reining in my emotions. I’m a very passionate person, emotion comes out of my eyeballs most of the time.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“I think Lord Sugar is brilliant and I am enjoying every minute of the experience so far. I just feel really lucky that that they saw something in me and I hope I can make the most of this opportunity.

“I am getting on well with most people, Courtney and Dylan are both great friends and I am looking forward to the tasks to come.”

The next episode of The Apprentice will be broadcast on Thursday, October 27, at 9pm.