A FATHER said he had raised concerns about the care of his daughter before her death, an inquest heard.

Last year, D’Anna Ward was found hanged in her room at Wessex Close Care Home in Huncoat.


The inquest heard the 20-year-old suffered from ‘emotional unstable personality disorder with borderline type’.

She was discovered by a member of the Prospects Supported Living Ltd staff at the home.

The inquest heard Ms Ward had suffered from mental health issues and had previously been admitted to hospital under the mental health act as well as having a history of self harming.

Ms Ward was discharged from hospital in November 2014 and was admitted to the Wessex Close Care Home under a community treatment order, which allows patients under the mental health act to be supervised when they leave hospital.

Andrew Ward said his daughter’s health ‘deteriorated’ during her stay at the home.

He said: “We had concerns as a family about Prospects.

“There was sporadic issuing of medication at the home. The girls in the home were looking after themselves.

“They had to ask for their medication, it was not administrated to them.

“Not too long before her death, D’Anna had managed to store up her medication and overdose.”

He added: “Her condition started to deteriorate in the home. She became very anxious and didn’t know what she wanted in herself.”

The hearing was told she was admitted to a hospital in July 2015 after the overdose. During this time she tried to hang herself.

Megan McGurk, activities coordinator at the home, however said staff were not told about this when Ms Ward returned.

She said: “She should not have been allowed to return.

“She had tried to take her own life. We were not told about the attempt in the hospital two weeks prior to her death.

“We did not know that she was relapsing.”

Michael Singleton, senior coroner for Blackburn, Hyndburn and Ribble Valley, was told Ms Ward was taken to the Critical Care unit at Royal Blackburn Hospital on August 7, 2015.

She was pronounced dead at 1.10am on August 11 after suffering from irreversible brain damage The inquest is scheduled for seven more days.