ACTION ‘must be taken’ to clear up roads in Clayton-le-Moors that are ‘caked in mud’, residents have said.

Those living in the Whalley Road area have spoken out about the lack of maintenance Whalley Road, Blackburn Road and Whinney Hill Road receive.

They claimed that lorries commuting to and from Whinney Hill Waste and Recycling Centre were dragging mud along the roads and there is no ‘adequate drainage system’ to cope with the waste.

Geoff Hill, the resident, said: “The roads around here are in the worst state that I’ve ever seen them.

“The lorries that use the roads from the Whinney Hill Waste and Recycling Centre are the cause of this, and the drivers aren’t helping as they’re not washing the wheels.

“The mud is ridiculous, it runs straight to your front door, ruins your garden as well as coating all of the cars parked along Whalley Road between Whinney Hill Road and Blackburn Road.

“We need help because whenever it rains it just washes all of the stuff further up the hill down here.

“There’s no adequate drainage system that can cope with the amount of waste we are dealing with.

“Action must be taken by the county council, we need these road properly maintained.”

Another resident from the area said: “I’m fed up, the amount of times I clean and then go back outside and the road is worse than ever.

“The council needs to get something done, the roads are just caked in mud.”

Whalley Road is located at the bottom of a hill in the town and becomes easily flooded with waste from the centre.

Dirt is also dragged down Whinney Hill Road from the nearby quarry behind Accrington Stanley Football Club.

Cllr John Fillis, cabinet member for Highways and Transport at Lancashire County Council, said: “It disheartens me to hear about this happening on the roads.

“The Whinney Hill Waste and Recycling Centre and Whinney Hill Quarry do create a lot of mess and in bad weather mud and waste washes down the hill.

“The county council takes a strong position on being able to provide safe clean roads and I will be looking at maintenance.”