‘DANGEROUS’ parking outside schools will be the subject of a police clampdown.

Rossendale Police said they are going to monitor school entrances to tackle motorists parking on zig-zag lines.

Parking during the morning school run has become an issue in the borough over the last 12 months, with lots of cars parking in no-go areas.

A police spokesman said: “The Rossendale Police Community Roadwatch team are going to continue operations outside several schools where there have been problems over the last twelve months with motorists parking on the zig-zag lines outside.

“This action is causing a serious risk to children being dropped off and picked up by limiting visibility as they are crossing the road.

“Motorists have been warned in the past if they have been seen parking in the restricted area and the reasons for the zig-zag lines have been explained.

“The ultimate aim of the road watch activity is to ensure the safety of the children, so full co-operation from parents is essential.

“Please be considerate when dropping off and picking up outside schools and be aware of the position of your parked vehicle especially if it could cause visibility issues for other motorists.

“From now on persistent offenders will be issued with fixed penalty notices.”

Cllr Peter Steen, who represents Greensclough on the borough council, said: “I think this is a fantastic idea and I welcome the police’s efforts.

“A few years ago when I was the county councillor for the area I was told numerous times that this was one of the biggest problems we have.

“A lot of parents only worry about getting their child as close as they could do the gates, regardless of what that meant.

“The rules are put there for everyone’s safety.

“I’m pleased that there’s going to be a crackdown on the dangerous parking.

“Parking in the wrong places can leave to car bumps and scratches, but more seriously it can lead to accidents.

“Putting children’s lives at risk is something no one wishes to do, I do hope the polices’ work pays off and the issue goes away.”