YOUNGSTERS have been warned that play areas in Darwen will not receive a revamp unless they start behaving better.

It’s expected that the Sudell ward will receive £76,000 as part of Section 106 money, used for community projects, after the 46-home Elizabeth House development is completed.


Cllr Jane Oates, who represents the area on Blackburn with Darwen Council, said she would refuse to put money towards the parks unless anti-social behaviour is curbed.

Several playgrounds, such as ones in Olive Lane and Norris Street, have been repeatedly vandalised.

Cllr Oates said: “It’s a real shame that these parks are being vandalised constantly and personally I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting anymore money towards them unless children stop this behaviour.

“We cannot just be throwing money at these parks, the children are just going to have to start behaving better if they want all new facilities.

“We need to get a message out there that if they want these nice parks they’re going to have to work for it and quit the vandalism.

“It’s horrendous the damage they are causing and I am reluctant to invest in the parks at this stage.”

Cllr Roy Davies, who represents the area on both the town and borough councils, has previously insisted that the Section 106 money should be used to provide better entertainment for children in the area.

Last year Olive Lane playground was vandalised twice in the same week when soft covering beneath the swings was torn up shortly after being replaced and repairs ran into hundreds of pounds.

In recent weeks the surfacing has been torn up again, graffiti has been found at the park in Shorey Bank and swings have been stolen from Olive Lane.

Damage to Bold Venture Park playground was also reported last year and left the site ‘almost unusable’.

Cllr Davies said that he still believes facilities should be improved in the hope that children will respect them better.

He said: “If we just give up and take all of the play parks away, the bad children will have won and will have spoilt it for the good ones, and there are a lot of kids who play happily.

“I think we need to provide better facilities and if it doesn’t work at least we’ve tried.”