CAR dealership the Chorley Group have introduced a four day working week which they plan to introduce to their Burnley site by the end of the year.

The Nissan dealership first implemented the idea in June at their Preston site where it began as a three-month trial.

Managing director, Pauline Turner, said: "Staff were initially apprehensive but after a month of the trial they requested a permanent move.

"To create a three day break, staff must work an extra two hours each day, which means they will work, on average, 46.5 days less a year than they did before.

"Both customers and staff benefit from the move, as longer opening hours make it more convenient for customers when they are booking and collecting their vehicles."

Chorley Group's staff in Burnley will gain a longer break each week which increases the time they have available to spend with their families.

Only working four days a week also leads to staff spending less time travelling to and from work.

The business say they benefit as technicians have become more productive meaning vehicles are repaired and serviced in a shorter time.

Burnley’s dealership will also develop as the changes in shifts mean that the master technicians will have more time to assist and coach the apprentices at the dealership.

Chorley Group are believed to be the first dealer group to do this and plan to roll out the changes to all of their sites by the end of the year.