THE beginning seems a very good place to start to kick-off the run-in for the top 10 Clarets memories.

On May 18, 1882, a special meeting was held by Burnley Rovers Rugby Club at the Bull Hotel in Burnley, where it was decided there should be a change of codes and association football replaced rugby.

'Rovers' was subsequently dropped from the club's name and Burnley Football Club was born.

The significant change was the shape of the ball, while the people and players connected with the club largely remained the same.

Burnley FC kicked off in style as they ran out 4-0 winners over Burnley Ramblers in their first game in August that year, at Calder Vale.

Football and cricket clubs joined forces and the club moved to Turf Moor in February 1883.

However, the first match there resulted in a 6-3 defeat by Rawtenstall.

Nicknames had included the Turfites, the Moorites and the Royalites until the Clarets were conceived in 1910.

The club's original pale blue and white striped shirt, followed by a variety of other designs, was replaced.

Manager John Haworth changed the club's colours to match the claret and blue of then league champions Aston Villa.