A MOTHER has spoken of the horror moment she thought her 10-year-old son had been killed in a hit-and-run crash in Burnley.

Joseph Loftus was riding his bike along Springhill Road with his 14-year-old sister Rebekah when he was hit by a car which then left the scene.


The Rosewood Primary School pupil was flipped in the air and left lying in a pool of his own blood and had to be dragged to the pavement by his sister to save him from being hit by a car.

He suffered a fractured collarbone and has also got head and leg injuries as a result of the crash which happened around 7.30pm on Sunday.

And his mum Ruth, who spent the night at her son’s bedside at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, has called on the driver to listen to his conscience and come forward.

Mrs Loftus, 39, of Berry Street, Burnley, said: “I’m mad at somebody having the nerve to knock down a child, throw them through the air and drive off, leaving them in a pool of their own blood.

“For all they know Joseph could have been killed. The least they could have done is ring an ambulance.

“If I was in their shoes I could never have done that. It’s a cowardly and selfish thing to do. I would appeal to their conscience and hand themself in. It’s not too late to do the right thing.

“Joseph has been quite angry all day, saying ‘how can a driver hit me and leave like they did?’ He said they should go to prison.

“I’m just glad that he’s not more seriously hurt. When I got that knock on the door from the witness I just kept thinking ‘he’s dead’ or ‘he’s got a serious head injury and I won’t get the same Joseph back’.”

Police said the crash happened in Springhill Road at the junction with Berry Street and the car is described as a small dull red Peugeot or old style Citroen Saxo.

Mrs Loftus, who is a community carer for Burnley-based Seva Care, said: “Joseph decided to go on a bike ride with his sister Rebekah and he came to the bottom of the road and said he tried to stop the bike. He said the car was four or five metres away and saw him but still hit him and then drove off.

“He flew in to the air and back in to the road. The reflector on his bike was all mashed upon the floor and there was a pool of blood where he had fallen.

“Rebekah dragged him on to the pavement to get him out of the road. A witness who knew where I lived ran up to my house and told me what had happen. I ran straight down but the road seemed to be never ending. He was just led on the floor with blood pouring out of his mouth and his eyes were all glazed over.”

Joseph was discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon and returned home with Ruth, dad Anthony, 46, sisters Rebekah, Rachel, 12, and brothers Jonathan, 15, and Joshua, 17.

PC Neil Goodison said: “This collision has left the young boy with serious injuries.

“I would urge the driver of the car involved to come forward and make contact with us. I would also urge anyone who may have witnessed the collision to please get in touch with us by calling 101 as soon as possible.”