A FRESH attempt to stage a dance music festival in the Colne countryside has caused a headache for a borough councillor and neighbour of the remote site.

Promoters behind Reach are looking to take over Piked Edge Farm in Skipton Old Road for the second year running.


But while last year’s gathering, under a temporary event notice, was supposed to be relatively low-key, this year the organisers want to attract up to 3,000 revellers.

Posters advertise the festival as bringing dance music to the Yorkshire Dales – despite the event taking place in Pendle.

Coaches will be run from Manchester, Leeds, York and Harrogate.

Fiona Lines, who lives at nearby Pasture Barn, said: “Last year the event continued after the designated cut-off time.

“This involved very loud music, which kept us awake. It was still loud at 2am at least.

“Friends of ours could hear the music beyond Lothersdale. It was so loud that it felt like the walls made no difference.”

Cllr Sarah Cockburn-Price said: “Last year the festival was given a temporary events notice and it still contravened the stipulations of this licence by continuing for a period of more than 12 hours.

“The music at Reach Festival is loud and carries across the upland rural landscape for miles. Despite noise controls being in place last year, a neighbour described the sound emanating as ‘unbearable and unremitting’.”

Promoter Rickie Hurlstone said: “Our 2015 event was a success and brought a diverse crowd of people together, with minimal reports of public nuisance and no serious injuries.

“We are proud to say that contact with the police or emergency services was not necessary due to the secure and safe environment we had created and promoted.”

The Leeds-based promoter is organising the event with colleague Stephen Souter and Stuart Johnstone, of Piked Edge Farm and has submitted a travel plan and operating schedule for the festival, which so far has artists such as Solardo and Jey Kurmis signed up.

The objections will be weighed up and considered by Pendle Council’s licensing committee when it meets at Nelson Town Hall next Monday.