A DAD-OF-SEVEN is waging war on a supermarket chain after he said work to build a new store had left his business open to break-ins.

Andrew Nightingale, who owns Burnley Auto Salvage in Holmes Street, has hit out at Aldi which is building a new shop next door in Todmorden Road.


The 47-year-old said promises that the German company gave him before work started have been broken and that the work has affected security at his site.

He said a secure fence which was going to be built around his yard still hasn’t been put up and his calls to the company have been ‘ignored’.

Mr Nightingale, who grew up in Burnley Wood, said: “It’s disgusting, they’re walking all over us just because they’ve got very deep pockets.

“They do not care about the little man now they got what they wanted.

“I feel like I’m at war and I told them that, I just lost my temper.

“I can’t see it getting better, they’re just not interested.

“They said originally they wanted to work together to make things better, but they’ve just left me exposed.

“I’ve tried to speak to the company for four weeks and they do not seem to want to know.”

Mr Nightingale, of Waterfoot, has worked at the site for 22 years and believes the ongoing work has prevented him from doing his job properly.

He said that he has to keep equipment in a temporary location because of the lack of protective fencing and he has had three alloy wheels stolen because of this.

He said that he co-operated and agreed with the plan to construct the store originally after he was given a letter detailing what to expect.

Mr Nightingale said: “I’ve helped them all and this is how I’ve been repaid, it’s a kick in the teeth.

“It’s life changing for me all this because I’ve been here so long, and now I’ve lost money.”

Aldi has so far carried out groundwork and the store is not set to open until 2017.

He said that he thinks his requests are ‘very reasonable’ and all that he wants is an enclosure to offer his business safety and security.

He added: “Where’s my fence? That’s what I was promised and that’s all I want.”

County Councillor Misfar Hassan, who represents the Burnley Central East ward, said he was unaware of any problems but if the promises had been made they should be honoured.

He said: “I have previously worked with people involved in the project, but I do not know of any disruption caused by the job.

“If they’re not keeping their word it’s not good, and they should honour that.”

An Aldi spokesman said: “We’ve had several conversations with Mr Nightingale about the construction of our new store in Todmorden Road and will continue to work to minimise any disruption to him or his business.”