PENDLE MP Andrew Stephenson is in hospital after complications arose during an operation.

The 35-year-old MP has cancelled all upcoming appointments after an operation to remove his gall bladder found a serious issue, meaning surgery lasted six times longer than expected.

Mr Stephenson, who had a previous hospital stay over the Christmas period with stomach issues related to his gall bladder is being treated in London.

Speaking yesterday, he said: “I was admitted to A&E on May 18 with gall bladder issues.

“The same issue that hospitalised me at Christmas.

“It was particularly frustrating as I had been waiting for a planned operation on May 24 to remove my gall bladder.

“I received wonderful care and was kept in hospital with a view to the operation still being done as planned or earlier if a slot became free.

“Sadly no slots became free and when I was operated on on Tuesday my gall bladder ruptured and had become stuck to my liver.

“The usual 20-minute removal operation took more than two hours.

“Therefore I remain in hospital.”

Mr Stephenson said all appointments he had made across Pendle for this weekend and next weekend have been cancelled and added that even on discharge it would take him some time to recover.

He said: “Sadly over the last few days I have had to cancel a large number of appointments in Pendle and missed the debates and votes in Parliament on the Queen's Speech.

“My thanks go to all the wonderful staff at Guys and St Thomas NHS Hospital in London, especially the surgeon and the wonderful nurses.”

Those needing to contact Mr Stephenson during his period of recovery are asked to use the email address

For urgent matters constituents should contact Mr Stephenson's team in his Nelson office on 01282 614748.