TV FUNNYMAN Peter Kay was in Burnley yesterday filming the second series of his awarding-winning Car Share.

Mr Kay and co-star Sian Gibson was at Banny's Drive Through in Trafalgar Street.

Mr Kay confirmed in December that the hit BBC One show, which was first shown on the BBC iPlayer, had been commissioned for a second series. However it has not yet been announced when it will return.

The Bolton-born comic was spotted filming in the town by several residents and even stopped for photographs with fans.

Excited residents took to social media to report seeing the star and some even posed videos of him in action.

Andy Devanney Tweeted: "Just seen Peter Kay filming car share @Bannys. Awesome!"

@naomijane1234 Tweeted: "Peter Kay filming in Burnley just across the road from where I got my car washed. Gutted I missed him!"

Little dellie doran Tweeted: "@peterkay_co_uk was very excited to hear you're filming next Car Share in my home town! #burnleyville!"

Jack Roper Tweeted: "My mum met Peter Kay and got a picture with him and I'm at work."

Patrick McCann Tweeted: "As if @peterkay_co_uk and @sianyfoulkes are in Burnley filming Car Share today. Love them both. Can't wait for the new series."

Alex O'NeillTweeted: "Peter Kay filming at Bannys chippy lol. 'Fish, chips, drive through, it's the future.' #filming #peterkay."

Peter Kay's Car Share won best comedy show award at 2016 National Television Awards, and best male performance in a comedy programme and Best scripted comedy at the 2016 British Academy Television Awards.

Car Share was co-created by Peter Kay and Paul Coleman, with whom he has previously worked as script editor for Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere and co-writing Britain's Got the Pop Factor.

The show tells the story of John Redmond, played by Peter, who is forced into a company car share scheme alongside his colleague Kayleigh, played by Sian Gibson, and the pair's friendship develops during the series.

Banny's yesterday declined to comment.