EAST Lancashire will today be able to enjoy a dandelion and burdock or sarsaparilla again as the only remaining temperance bar in the UK reopens its doors.

The iconic Fitzpatrick’s Temperance Bar, in Bank Street, Rawtenstall and part of a famous movement which criticised excessive alcohol consumption, shut down in January due to "unmanageable circumstances".

But John and Angela Spencer, who previously owned the bar until 2000, have taken it over again and feel confident that this time round the venue will have much more appeal.

Mr Spencer said: “We have been trying to get the bar back for a good few years.

“It was always such a good little business and we used to have celebrities coming in from far and wide with it being the only temperance bar left.

“We missed running it because it had such a uniqueness about it and we are hoping that with some new products in we can make it more successful that it has been of late.

“Not only do we have the selection of Fitzpatrick’s drinks in but we have also brought in vintage jewellery and teddy bears plus a big range of herbs and spices, so this will hopefully draw in more people.

“We are confident that we can get it going again and will be open from Monday to Saturday.”

The temperance movement began in the early 19th century and formed the beginnings of teetotalism, which originated in Preston in 1833.

In the late 1800s a number of temperance bars including Fitzpatrick’s, which came about in 1890, were established and were the first outlet for the drink Vimto in the early 20th century.

The bars became famous for a number of other cordials such as sarsaparilla, black beer and raisin, cream soda and blood tonic all of which will all still be available.

The Fitzpatrick’s, a family of herbalists from Ireland, came over to Lancashire in the 1880s and turned to built a family-run chain of shops throughout the county.

Rossendale MP Jake Berry said that he was "delighted" the bar which put the Rossendale on the map was back in business.

He said: “Rawtenstall is well-known all over the country for the temperance bar and I am so pleased that it’s reopening.

“Fitzpatrick’s is a huge tourist attraction and I wish John and Angela the best of luck.”