A 23-YEAR-OLD old man said to treat his mum 'like a slave' has been jailed for assaulting her after a row over a takeaway.

Blackburn magistrates heard Yasin Hussain Shah punched his mum in the face before grabbing her around the throat.


He later told a female police officer: "I was only pushing her around, slapping her around, taking over from my dad. Either way she deserved a slap, you all do don't you."

He then made some vile sexual remarks about his mother.

Shah, of Pine Street, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to assaulting Kaneez Shah. He was jailed for 10 weeks and made subject to a restraining order which bans him from any contact with her for 12 months.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Mrs Shah said her son treated her badly and often caused trouble at home, fighting with his brothers and sisters.

"There had been an incident the night before but this started because of a row over a takeaway she had bought for him," said Miss Allan.

"He began to swear at her and then punched her near her left eye. He then pushed her onto the sofa and punched her again before grabbing her by the throat."

Miss Allan said Mrs Shah eventually ran from the house and went to her daughter's home. She later told police he treated her like a slave.