BURNLEY High School's new building is set to be finished by April next year according to the new contractors.

Eric Wright Construction has been awarded a multi-million pound design and build project to construct the two-form entry high school and sixth form in the town.


The final design has been officially unveiled which is very similar in appearance as designs revealed last year when planning permission was being bid for.

Commissioned through the Education Funding Authority (EFA) Regional Contractors Framework and on behalf of Chapel Street Community Schools Trust, which runs the free school currently based in Padiham, will provide accommodation for 450 secondary and 200 sixth form students.

The new ‘Super Block’ will be constructed on the site of the former Habergham High School, which has already been demolished.

The contract award follows the decision not to refurbish and extend the existing premises due to the discovery of shallow worked coal seams below the site.

The 81-week programme includes site remediation works with mine stabilisation grouting, which is underway.

Head of school Dawn Forshaw said: “Although we have faced some tough challenges in getting this project pulled together, we are delighted with the resulting design for our new school.

“Eric Wright Construction has kept us informed at every step of the way and worked hard to ensure that our comments and preferences are truly reflected in the design for the new Burnley High School and Sixth Form.”

Burnley High School is currently based at the Parkhill Business Centre in Padiham Road and recently appointed Vicky Povey as it's new headteacher.

The school is adding an extra year group every September as well as recruiting more staff members to deal with the increased pupil rosta.

John Wilson, managing director at Eric Wright Construction, said: “We have leveraged the experience and technical expertise within the Eric Wright Group to take a pragmatic approach to designing this scheme that addresses the EFA’s requirements, the trust’s preferences and the challenges of the site.

“Once completed, the school will be an important addition to the education choices available to families in Burnley and we look forward to handing the building over in April 2017.”

The new building has been designed by JM Architects.