AN East Lancashire student has used her art project to try and brighten up abandoned buildings in Blackburn town centre.

Ciara Brown from Burnley, is studying a Art and Design foundation diploma at Blackburn College and has used the town as a canvas for her latest work of art.


The 19-year-old has designed brightly colourful woven art work and has placed them in holes and windows on derelict buildings.

The project is called ‘#4000holes’ and refers to the Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ that uses the line ‘4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire’.

The former Shuttleworth College pupil has placed one in a old window at Thwaites brewery on Eanam and with two more on an electrical substation in Nab Lane.

Ciara said she hoped her project will help ‘bring some colour’ to Blackburn where it needs it.

She said: “I’ve only started coming to Blackburn a lot since going to college and I have noticed there are areas that have lots of dull derelict buildings.

“My art project is themed around dark areas and using bright colours against them, so I thought these buildings would be the perfect place to put my work.

“The Beatles song refers to a newspaper article John Lennon saw in the 1960s about there being 4,000 potholes in the town.

“So I wanted to fill the holes with bright colourful patterns and help brighten up those areas.

“They are not too difficult to make and one at Eanam took about 10 hours overall to complete.

“They have been really well liked by my friends and family and I’ve not had any problems with them.”

Miss Brown had not asked for permission to put the artwork up and had one removed from a vacant glass pane in a Telephone Box in Blakey Moor.

John Draper, head of estates at the brewery said: “I’ve not seen the artwork itself but it sounds like we have Blackburn’s answer to Banksy.

“My colleagues at the site have known about it for a while and after looking into why it was put up, we decided to keep it there as it helps brighten up the building.”