AN 83-YEAR-OLD man who won more than £7,000 in a hospice lottery says he will give the majority of his winnings back to charities and his only treat will be a new overcoat.

Charles Leighton, of Cherry Tree, Blackburn, has already made a donation back to the hospice after he won the weekly draw, which had rolled over several times in January He has pledged to donate the majority of his £7,250 windfall to charities close to his heart.


Mr Leighton, former draughtsman, said that he had always been careful with money, and his recent win would not change that.

He said: “It came out of the blue. I needed my eyes doing and was considering going private, but I’ve already accounted for that.

“I’ve always been sensible with money, and I still am.

“The majority of the prize will go to a couple of charities I support and I’ve already given the hospice a donation.”

He added that the only thing he needs is a new coat: “My old one’s looking a bit ragged, so I’ll probably get a new one.

“It’s very important to support things like the hospice, especially with it being so local.

“I didn’t join the lottery to win, but it was a nice surprise.”

He described the moment he found out he’d won as a ‘pleasant shock’.

The retired team leader worked all his career for Leyland Motors where he met his wife who was a shorthand typist.

The pair married when Charles was 41, but his wife died about five years ago after suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.