A YOUNG cancer sufferer from Lower Darwen paid a visit to Blackburn Fire Station to be a part of a firefighter's last day.

The day was organised for six-year-old Theo Power by his grandad Graham Jordan, where he spent the day as an honourary fireman with Nigel Gouldthorpe, who has left the service after 30 years.

Theo was diagnosed in July last year with stage four neuroblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of cancer with survival rates of between 35 and 50 per cent, and Mr Jordan said the day was a positive way of keeping him occupied.

He said: "He loves anything to do with the police or fire service. I don't know whether its the flashing lights or the uniforms but he just loves it and I've got a couple of friends who were able to organise the day out for him.

"It was a great pick-me-up for him and if it keeps him happy it's helping him in his mind because his body is going through so much.

"It's important that we keep his mind occupied and I think he really loved the day with them."

The Feniscowles Primary School pupil has undergone chemotherapy since being diagnosed with the rare condition and his mum Leonie Jordan and stepdad Ian Stanley are trying to raise £250,000 for the potentially life-saving Difluoromethylornithine (correct spelling) clinical trial in America.

Theo is also set to have his tumour removed today (Friday) after having his bone marrow checked for any remaining cancer about three weeks ago.

Ms Jordan said: "We will never forget what they all did for Theo, we all enjoyed it and it was full of smiles, just what we needed. "

Julian Williams, station commander at Blackburn Fire Station, said that Theo loved spending the day with the staff and was welcome to come back anytime.

He said: "We got him some kit and did some training with him and he watched what we all did. We even pretended to put out a fire which he loved."

"Now he's been part of the crew, he's always welcome to come back here and we wish him all the best."