USERS of two East Lancashire Libraries are to trial a pilot project to improve information technology access despite the fact both could close next year.
The Burnley and Longridge branches will have the latest modern computers installed as part of the scheme, which runs from January to March 2016.
This is part of an upgrade to the People's Network in Libraries which allows free public access to computers and the internet.
Both Burnley and Longridge are on a list of branches which could close as Lancashire County Council cuts its network from 75 to 34 to save £7million a year.
Feedback from users during the pilot will help to shape how similar improvements are made to the remaining Lancashire libraries.
A range of computers, laptops and tablets will be available for customers to use.
The Wi-Fi network will also be improved for people who prefer to use their own device.
The upgrade will mean that printing using the Wi-Fi network will be possible.
The online booking service, allowing people to reserve the use of a computer in advance, will be updated.
County council culture boss Marcus Johnstone said: "We are aware that our current computer system needs to be upgraded and could be faster and easier to use.
"I appreciate that the timing of this pilot project clashes with what is an uncertain future for some of our libraries.
"But we remain committed to making sure that we provide the best equipment we can for our users.
"Importantly, libraries are the only places that some people have access to a computer."
The move to upgrade the computer systems at libraries which are under threat of closure has been criticised by a Longridge councillor.
Cllr James Rogerson, who is a member of Longridge Town Council, said: "On the face of it this seems like a stupid thing to do.
"I really would call into question the management at County Hall.
"It's obviously a vital system for people who need it at the library but why spend money on it when it might well be gone from the town soon."
However the announcement from County Hall has been welcomed by Cllr Tony Martin who represents Burnley on the county council.
He said: "They have got to trial it somewhere and I'm glad that they have chosen Burnley.
"The upgrade will be very welcome."