A NEW high-tech hang-out for youngsters designed to reduce anti-social behaviour has been launched.

The £170,000 bus features the latest gadgets to keep young people in Burnley and Padiham entertained.

It is hoped the double-decker will get youngsters off the streets and reduce loutish behaviour.

On board there are two Xboxes, two 19" flatscreen TVs, a 32" flatscreen with DVD player, internet access and a "chill-out zone" with laminate flooring and giant bean bags where friends can meet and chat in safety.

There is also a Big Brother-style diary room where youngsters can spend time with representatives from different statutory agencies to discuss problems they may have in their personal, school or work life.

The vehicle will also have a trailer full of sports equipment so that when it is parked up on an area, there are activities such as football, cricket and rounders on offer as well.

Police Sergeant Claire Pearson said: "This is a fantastic vehicle packed full of equipment designed especially to keep young people entertained and off the streets where some of them could find themselves involved in anti-social behaviour."

The bus has been given private, police, council, business, Government and European cash.

It will visit various locations across Burnley and Padiham at evenings and weekends depending on where extra youth activities are needed.

Sgt Pearson added: "We are all extremely excited about the vehicle and keen for as many local youngsters as possible to come along and take a look at the bus and try out the facilities."