A 15-month-old boy narrowly avoided being run over after "escaping" from his home through a dog flap and toddling on to a busy road.

A taxi driver made an emergency stop to avoid Morgan Place on a street in Rawtenstall.

He put Morgan on top of his taxi to keep him safe while he called police.

The toddler had only gone a couple of hundred yards from his home and did not even graze his knee or dirty his clothes during the escapade.

Morgan's mother said his older brother Sam, six, lifted him out of his cot and took him downstairs while she was out at work and their father and other siblings were asleep.

Morgan then crawled through the flap, opened the back gate and walked the short distance to Burnley Road.

Police interviewed both parents, Louise, 36, and Darren, 33, but have decided not to take the matter further.