MORE than 50 Burnley back streets could be gated over the next two years as part of a plan to combat crime and anti-social behaviour.

The council wants to spend £100,000 on the first part of the plan which will see 23 alleygates put up in areas of high crime. Another £100,000 could be spent in 2008/09 to take the total to 51.

The council has been installing alleygates since 2003 and there are 45 schemes already in place covering 1,500 homes.

Bosses say alleygating has proved to be popular with residents because it reduces crime and the fear of crime.

Crime figures have been monitored for each street on the waiting list every two months for the last twelve months and those with consistently high crime have been selected to be first in line. Each scheme costs £4,340.

Burnley council's community safety manager Melva Burton said: "The idea behind the scheme is to contribute to crime reduction by combating fly-tipping, burglary and anti-social behaviour in and around back streets in terraced areas.

"Together with the notional allocation of a further £100,000 in the 2008/09 capital programme, we are confident that all qualifying schemes on the waiting list can be completed over the coming two years.

"It is anticipated that the money will be spent on 23 schemes during 2007/08 financial year, at an approximate cost per scheme of £4,340.

"We have a timetable for ensuring the gating orders and the gates are in place by the end of the financial year."

Councillors will discuss the plans at a meeting of the executive committee tomorrow.