ORGANISERS of a popular charity event have arranged a new event to benefit good causes in their village.

Every December for nearly 20 years, Whalley Pickwick Night has taken place in the village as people come together in Victorian costumes to raise charity cash.

Now, Whalley Pickwick Committee has decided to host a summer fundraiser to benefit more organisations.

Through the "Summer Serenade" at Mytton Fold Hotel, Langho, on June 15, committee members hope to raise about £3,000 to add to their charity fund.

The evening will include a three-course meal and entertainment and has been prompted by a desire to do more for the community and raise the profile of Whalley.

Cathy Riley, secretary of Whalley Pickwick Night, said: "We are trying to raise the profile of the village and get businesses involved at the same time. All the money stays in and around Whalley.

"We want businesses to raise money and get involved. Our aim is to keep the Pickwick fund going throughout the year. Because this is a summer event it will allow us to do something a little different, especially as the weather will be nice."

Pickwick Night benefits local charities, organisations and projects and generally raises about £4,000.

Each year the centre of the village comes to a stand still as surrounding roads are closed to allow the event to take place.

Mrs Riley added: "We've given to football clubs, scout groups or anyone who has approached us and we deemed appropriate."

Tickets are £28. Ring Cathy Riley on 01200 422914 for more details.