JEWELLERY-loving Margo Grimshaw is to visit Africa to be shown the conditions of workers in the gold trade for a television documentary.

The programme will explore whether Margo still loves her gold as much after her trip.

The Lancashire Telegraph columnist is to fly out to Africa on Monday to take part in a two-week tour.

Margo said she would be visiting South Africa and Ghana.

Margo, who is never seen without her gold bracelets or rings, said: "I wear six rings and six bracelets, all gold, I don't like silver. They're my trademark.

"Some people have a squint or a limp, with me it's gold bracelets.

"I am quite excited about it, not knowing what's going to happen.

"I have never been to South Africa, so it's going to be a new experience.

"They have taken my clothes size and shoe size, so I imagine they are going to provide me with equipment.

"It's a fact-finding tour about luxury goods."

She said she did not know who else was going along, or what exactly she would be doing.

Margo added: "It's all hush-hush. All I know I will be flying out from London on Monday night."

TV appearances are nothing new to the former pub and club supremo who has become a property developer and is now building apartments in Blackburn centre.

Two years ago she was followed by a television crew to Poland to buy a fur coat as part of a programme called That's Rich, which followed the everyday lives of wealthy people.

She has also travelled to India and Pakistan for a programme about grown-up gap years, and presented business show Mind Your Own Business.