A BLACKBURN school has honoured its former year 11 students following news that its year seven is full for the first time in its history.

Youngsters who left Blackburn Central High School in the summer after completing their GCSEs were celebrated at the event at King George’s Hall.


Among the guests was Colonel Myszka Guzkowska, a senior officer in the Army Reserves and deputy vice chancellor of Manchester Metropolitan University, who gave a speech.

Among the award winners on the night was Harfah Chaudhri and Ewa Bogusz who received an award for art and Kieran Bartrupe and Joanne Hawkins who were given the award for PE.

In her speech headteacher Diane Atkinson said: “The awards evening is a very special occasion in the school year.

“It is an opportunity to focus upon and celebrate the achievements of the work of the students and the school as a whole. As your headteacher I have watched you grow and mature into the young people you are here before me.

“I was so proud of how hardworking and determined you were to do your best.

“Many of you were in school late in the evening attending extra sessions including regular Saturdays. I admired how supportive you were of each other and how you came together as a group.

“When I first met you I remember telling you how important it was that you aim high, and have goals and follow your dreams. I made reference to ‘carpe diem’ ‘seize the day’ grab opportunities as they come your way, don’t let them pass you by.”