A MAN accidentally set fire to his friend’s shed after letting off fireworks in his back yard in the middle of the afternoon.

Firefighters have issued a safety warning following the incident, in Shaw Street, Blackburn.

Crews from Blackburn station attended the incident at 2.30pm on Wednesday and used a hose reel to extinguish it. Nobody was injured.

A Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “On arrival at the property, the occupant informed the fire service that fireworks had been given to him. A friend had then gone into the backyard to set them off.

“Unfortunately, one of the fireworks had hit the wooden 6ft x 4ft shed and accidentally ignited the wooden structure, unknown to the occupants until later.

“As Bonfire Night is soon approaching, please take care when handling fireworks. A responsible person must always light fireworks and people should stand at a safe distance.

“Fireworks are dangerous around crowds and built-up areas.”

The warning from the fire service comes as they prepare for a potentially busy period ahead of Bonfire Night.

Last October, crews were called to an incident in Cambridge Drive, Blackburn, where a firework had been thrown through a letter box.

At the time, a spokesman for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said fortunately the explosive had “kicked back” out of the letter box and not caused any damage, but he warned about the potential consequences of acting irresponsibly with fireworks.

Earlier in the month, yobs posted a lit firework through the front door of the home of a sleeping family in Darwen.

Firefighters said the attack on the home of estate agents Deborah and Paul Ainsworth-Lord and their three young children was “stupid” and “nasty”, and could have been potentially fatal.

Residents are urged to ensure they have a working smoke alarm.

For more information, visit lancsfirerescue.org.uk/fire-safety-check.