A GIANT cyclist constructed from 1,500 metres of horticultural fleece will be installed on Pendle Hill overlooking Clitheroe this week heralding Stage Two of the 2015 Aviva Tour of Britain.

The cyclist – the size of one-and-a-half football pitches – will be constructed by celebrated land artist Philippe Handford, of Barrowford, and an eight-strong team.

The artwork, created in the style of the famous Uffington White Horse, will be pointing towards the Nick o’ Pendle, the first King of the Mountain climb.


Stage two of the tour will see the world’s top cyclists, among them Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish, power through 154km of Ribble Valley and Pendle on Monday.

Ribble Valley Council deputy leader Terry Hill said: “The Tour of Britain is the biggest event in the borough’s 40-year history and we want to mark it with a spectacular piece of land art. . Philippe has considerable experience of constructing artworks and we are looking forward to seeing the cyclist, which will be visible from across the valley.”

It will take Philippe and eight volunteers five days to construct the cyclist from at least six 250m rolls of horticultural fleece normally used by farmers and horticulturalists to protect land and crops from frost.

Philippe, whose former works include a massive 1612 on the Barley side of Pendle Hill during the 400th anniversary of the Lancashire Witches, said: “ As well as providing a dramatic focal point for stage two of the Tour of Britain, the giant cyclist will hopefully engage and excite spectators .”