WHEN teenager Katie Payne had a drink of apple juice she didn’t think much about it.

But when her mum looked in the carton and discovered a live insect inside the youngster started to feel decidedly queasy.

Tracy Payne bought the Tesco clear apple juice from the supermarket at Bursledon, and thought nothing of it when her 14-year-old daughter Katie drank a glass.


Two days later she opened the carton again and was horrified to find the unidentified insect kicking its legs, along with sediment stuck in the bottom of the one litre carton.

And as she explains, the only thing worse than finding an insect in a carton is discovering it after drinking some of the juice.

Tesco have said sorry to Tracy and have added that they will launch an investigation whenever she takes the juice back to the store.

Tracy said: “It was alive and it was gross.

“Katie was disgusted and felt sick afterwards, knowing that she has drank a bit of it.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“Who knows if she’s going to have a reaction to something in it?”

“You don’t expect to find anything like that, not when everything is so closely controlled.

“I will definitely think twice before drinking a drink like that again.”

Student Katie has felt sick ever since, said Tracy who added she will be wary about drinking from juice cartons in future.

Tracy checked the rest of the kitchen to make sure the creature couldn’t have come from anywhere else and is certain it came from the one pound drink.

She said: “I have been back to see them and they took my details and said they would be investigating.

“But the council said I have got to give it to them.

“You read about these things and think that people have fabricated it somehow or other but it is actually true.

“My daughter was absolutely horrified that something was sitting there that had been poured out.

“You certainly don’t expect something like that in your apple juice.”

A Tesco spokeswoman has apologised to the family.

She added: “We set ourselves the highest standards for the quality of our food and drink and are disappointed to hear of this incident.

“Our colleagues in store have apologised to Ms Payne, and as soon as the item is returned we will be conducting an investigation with our supplier and keep her updated.”