A CLOSED hilltop pub is set to be converted into four houses.

The Deerplay Inn, at Weir, was given planning permission following a successful application to Burnley Council.

The pub, which is located in Burnley Road, is locally listed as of architectural and historic importance.


A spokesman for the council said: “The listing notes, among other things, say it is probably 18th Century, which has been altered.

“It was built alongside the, then, Burnley to Bacup turnpike road.

“There are indications that it may have been built as a pair of houses, with the stable and loft added as a follow-on or later build.

“Its use as a roadside inn is evident by the late 19th Century.

“It is now vacant and for several years has been kept reasonably intact only by close security provision.

“It appears then as a heritage building likely to be lost at an early date unless it is brought back into a suitable beneficial use.

“The present application site includes the building, car park and other land in its close vicinity, as shown on the application plan copied below, together with images of the building.”

The building will now be converted into two homes with two bedrooms, one with three bedrooms and one with four.

The application for conversion was originally submitted to the council by Mr and Mrs A Cockcroft.