RESTORATION work will begin on a historic landmark from the Houses of Parliament in Clitheroe next week.

Clitheroe Civic Society have secured enough funding to start renovation works on the Grade II listed Pinnacle monument which was presented to the town in 1937.


Dating back to 1834 to the rebuilding of Parliament, the Pinnacle now based in the grounds of Clitheroe Castle was donated to the town by Sir William Brass MP from the Palace of Westminster but its condition has dramatically deteriorated over the years.

Steven Burke, leader of the Pinnacle Project for the civic society, said: “Parts of the stone have been damaged due to the poor air conditions in the industrial revolution.

“The main part of the restoration will include restoring the iron fixings that hold it in place.

“These fixings have corroded and caused the stone to crack and crumble, now less corrosive ones will be instated.”

Once a turret on the roof of the Houses of Parliament, the Pinnacle was removed due to its condition and then brought to Clitheroe as a link between the borough and the palace.

The octagonal stone monument has four lions with shields at its base and is complete with cusped heads, gargoyles and crocketed finials.

The inscription records the presentation of the turret, which originally formed part of the parapet of the Houses of Parliament that were erected between 1840 and 1854.

Heritage Conservation Restoration LTD were contracted to restore the Pinnacle on behalf of the society, and any of the stone that needs to be worked on will be taken to their Masons Yard in Aston-under-Lyne.

Mr Burke said: “The stone, Magnesium Limestone is not found often in East Lancashire, it is mainly found in the North East of England.

“The extent of the damage to the monument is not clear until we can deconstruct it and see what needs doing.”

Residents will be able to visit the site on Saturday, September 12 and will get to talk to the architects and members of the society about the Pinnacle and its restoration.

Mr Burke said: “It’s not just about restoring the Pinnacle, it’s about getting the community together and involved and we want everyone to be a part of it.”

Mary Robinson, leader of Clitheroe Town Council said she was delighted for the restoration work to begin.

She said: “It’s a fantastic project the civic society is undertaking, they’ve had full support from myself and the town council .

“It’s a good job it is being restored as if it was left for a couple more years it may have been too late.”